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Sunday, August 21, 2011

On-Line Storage

This is a brief tutorial about online storage. Here are some online storage sites I am most familiar with.
Amount of Free Storage
2 Gb
Ubuntu One
5 Gb
5 Gb
2 Gb
Google Docs
1 Gb ($0.25 per additional Gb)

The free storage listed above totals 9 Gb. That is plenty for most of us, if we practice a bit of storage management
All but Google Docs have sync-your-computer(s)-with-online-storage software and share-with-your-friends-for-more-storage schemes. My point-of-view is that the sync software and share schemes are “honey buckets” designed to get you to use additional online storage.
My recommendation is to not download the sync software. There is typically a “Files” tab with most of these sites that takes you to you files and has mechanisms for uploading and downloading.