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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Conky 1.7.2 compiled on OpenSolaris svn_130

Seeking something like BGInfo for Windows, I found Conky.
On Debian based systems like Ubuntu and Knoppix, it is available.
Unfortunately for OpenSolaris, it is not.
So off to compile it for myself....

I downloaded the source 1.7.2 from SourceForge.
I found a blog (in Italian) with patches for the source and instructions.

I had trouble getting the ./configure to work properly because of a pkg-config version issue.
You need at least version 0.23 .

Below is what I currently have showing on my background.
It took some time to get the options right for what I wanted.
I eventually opted to go from a 1 second update cycle to a 5 second one.
That eliminated the flicker and distraction of frequent updates.

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