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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blackjack for current Ubuntu and LinuxMint

I was personally very disappointed when Blackjack (BJ) was dropped from the Gnome-Games.
An issue I still have is that there is not explanation for WHY BJ was dropped. The “news” files for version 2.26 (version at which BJ is missing) give no clue that BJ was dropped or why.

I decided to compile BJ. It seemed straight forward, get the source and compile.

The current Ubuntu source packages for Gnome-Games did not contain BJ. So I went back to get the source from live.gnome.org . The last source release for Gnome-Games that contained BJ is version 2.25.92.

I needed to follow the instructions given under Gnome Games - Developer's Guidelines to be able to compile BJ. However, the instructions as given leave many things unsaid for those who are not Linux developers. These are listed below.
  • The list of required supporting software packages is quite helpful, but not complete.
    • glib2 should be added to the list.

  • The supporting packages are probably best retrieved using Synaptic
    • Most of the packages will be
      • prefixed with “lib”
      • suffixed with “-dev”

  • In the games source directory:
    • Configure the games for BJ only
    • Build and install BJ
./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr/games --enable-games=blackjack
sudo make install

Note: For Gnome 3 systems it may be necessary to use the menu editor alacarte to put Blackjack into the system menu. If not already present on the system, you will need to use Synaptic to install it.

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  1. it's really a sad news...blackjack software should not be dropped because they provides a lot of entertainment....